Exploring music in context

Map of ideas for IB Music - Exploring Music in Context

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Exploring music in context by Mind Map: Exploring music in context

1. Researcher

1.1. Personal

1.2. Most familiar composer/artist

1.2.1. Who What Why Where Aspects of style Analysis/listening exercises Start with structural analysis then harmonic structure. Move to melodic and rhythmic devices etc. Listening framework Listening skills - respond, listen, extract, investigate, analyse, explore

1.2.2. Which AOI? Probably AOI3

1.3. Global

1.4. Contrast and diversity

2. Creator

2.1. From research into the melodic construction of your style, create a short motif in the style of your composer

2.1.1. What common aspects of the style have you analysed? Composition planner Fillable chord organiser Noteflight template

2.1.2. Add harmony based on research

3. Performer

3.1. Local

3.2. Explore Thai-pop AOI4

3.2.1. Questions: Listening skills to analyse K-pop compositional techniques and compare to Thai-pop

3.3. AOI1. Explore music for socio political within local context - Red and Yellow

3.4. Which style will you choose to adapt to your instrument? What challenges will this address?