Advent of Europeans

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Advent of Europeans by Mind Map: Advent of Europeans

1. Vascodagama

1.1. Mozambique to India with help of Indian Pilot

1.1.1. 1498 reached Calicut received by Zamorin Factories at Calicut and Cochin Cochin first Capital

2. Marriages of Portuguese with Indian Women

2.1. Friendly relation with Vijayanagar Empire

3. 1530 Capital from Cochin to Goa

4. Blue Water Policy

4.1. Naval battle - Combines Muslim fleet got defeated

5. Fort St.George

6. King Charles II of England island of Bambay

6.1. In 1698 British acquired Sutanati, Kalikata and Govindpur

6.1.1. Fort William in Calcutta

7. Battle of Plaasey and Buxar

8. Captures Coa, Daman, Diu, Salsette, Bassein,Chaul and Bombay on Western Coast

8.1. In 17th CE Portuguese Power decline to Dutch

9. Factories at Pulicat, Surat, Chinsura, Kasim Bazaar, Patna, Nagapatnam, Balsore , Cochin

10. Nino de Cunha

11. Set up First Factory in Masulipatnam (andhra Pradesh)

11.1. Captured Amboyna from the Portuguese

11.1.1. Captured Nagapattinam First Pulicat headquarters shifted Nagapattinam

12. 1534 acquired Bassein from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat

13. Settlement at Tranqueber and Serampore

14. Portuguese

14.1. Francisco de Almedia (1505-1509) -1st Governor

14.2. Alfonso de Abuquerque (1509-1515

14.2.1. 1510 Captured from Sultan of Bijapur 1515 established Portuguese authority over Ormuz in Persian Gulf

15. french

15.1. Traded Indian Commodities like Silk, Cotton, Indigo, Rice and Opium

16. British

16.1. 1600 Queen Elizabeth

16.2. First Factory in Masulipatinam

16.3. Governor and 24 Court directors

16.4. Captain Hawkins,Thomas Best (factory at Surat), Captain Nicholas Downton, Sir thomas Roe (Commercial Treaty )

16.5. Trading Centres at Agra, Surat, Ahmedabad, Broach

16.6. Francis Day obtained Madras

17. duth

17.1. In 1668, Colbert a minister of King Louis 14

17.1.1. Francois Caron founded french first factory in India at Surat

17.1.2. Marcara 2nd Factory at Masulipatinam

17.1.3. In 1673, Martin founded Pondicherry (fort Louis by Francois Martin in Podicherry

17.1.4. Factories at Mahe, Karaikal, Balasore and Kasim Bazar

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18.1. Danish

18.1.1. In 1616 the king of Denmark