Global Flagship Behaviours of JTI

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Global Flagship Behaviours of JTI by Mind Map: Global Flagship Behaviours of JTI

1. Be accountable

1.1. acting with integrity

1.1.1. high ethical standards and business practices

1.2. taking fair and unbiased decisions

1.3. putting ethical principles into your behavior at work and private relationships

1.4. taking responsibility and ownership for my job, actions, decisions and the results

1.5. "doing the right thing"

2. Keep it simple

2.1. challenging the status quo

2.2. choosing the simplest solutions to solve complicated problems

2.2.1. inform your team if the process is too complex and suggest simpler solution

2.3. asking for help to solve complex problems

2.4. looking for ways to collaborate in simple and effective way

2.5. simplifying processes across the company

2.6. sharing good practises

3. Make it happen

3.1. understanding our role in the team and company

3.2. what we do is oriented on the goal

3.3. organizing processes and tasks based on understanding of customer's needs

3.4. building strong relationships with our business partners

4. One team

4.1. principle "better together"

4.2. harmony

4.3. passion, dedication and commitment

4.4. collaborating

4.5. supporting diversity

4.6. treating people equally with respect

4.7. embracing different cultures, values opinions and ideas

4.8. no discrimination, harrasment and humiliating other colleagues

4.9. keeping in mind the interest of the team before your own

4.10. helping each other

4.11. wellbeing of the team members as a priority

4.12. avoiding clusters in favor of collaboration across the organization

4.12.1. JTI is one team