Quintus Horace Flaccus

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Quintus Horace Flaccus by Mind Map: Quintus Horace Flaccus

1. sings the "golden age" of the Roman literature, together with Vergilin and Ovidim, one of the most famous authors in all the literature.

1.1. Create all this, except for the fourth book, send one of the other books, dedicated to the Patrons. "Satiri" and "The Messenger" were written in hexameters, and they called Horace "besids"; іnshі create written by folding lyrical sizes.

1.2. Horace's works were highly valued in Ukraine as well. Horace's treatise "Epistle to the Pisons" is often mentioned by the rector of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy F. Prokopovych in his work "On Poetic Art", written "for Youth" in 1705. The full translation of Horace's treatise into Ukrainian "On Poetic Art" was made by A. Sodomor.

2. Новый узел

2.1. "... Having suspected the spirit of Archilokh, / Rhythm yogo, not a snake, not words, scho Likamba punished"

2.2. Horacievi "Odi" perceived artistic perfection and thematic designs. One of the beads of the Roman Poetry, the ode "To Manlia Torkvat", is assigned to the Roman orators, comrade poet.

2.3. philosophy, like an elegant confusion, is a journey to go beyond the friendly messenger and get angry with the tradition of the literature.

2.4. It is already snowing. The greenery returns to the meadows, The grove curls again. In the red renewal of the earth, and again, falling, the waters Curl in their shores…. … Winter spring competes, summer overcomes it And it perishes as soon as Autumn sheds its fruits, behind it - only rich in sleep - Winter is already running.

3. Horace - a poet of thought and at the same time a master of a strong, concise word and a clear, concrete image. All these moments are present in early work, but the poet does not always manage to create a single artistic whole, and the figurative side is often only an illustration for detached reasoning. Horace achieves greater integrity in his later works .