Retail business strategies-खुदरा व्यापारी अपने व्यपार को कैसे बढाये -पार्ट 1

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Retail business strategies-खुदरा व्यापारी अपने व्यपार को कैसे बढाये -पार्ट 1 by Mind Map: Retail business strategies-खुदरा व्यापारी अपने व्यपार को कैसे बढाये -पार्ट 1

1. divided in to three parts

1.1. what are the strategy

1.2. why should you adopt

1.3. how to implement

2. strategy nu 1

2.1. location

2.1.1. should be consitent with target market and competitive position 3 type of location primary secondary location tertiary location

2.1.2. occupancy cost- consider budget do you hv to take it on lease you will buy it consider maintenance cost

2.1.3. traffic number of customer visit number of private vehicle that cross number of pedestrian people outside your shop what is public transport fascility

2.1.4. know about your customer age group profession income lifestyle religion density of popultion product demand customer spending personal disposable income competition availability of location

3. strategy number 2

3.1. locally relevant

3.1.1. it will help you will bring operation efficiency provide improve customer experience improve your local brand value increase sales you met actual demand

3.2. example

3.2.1. mc donald aloo tikki

3.2.2. japan mac susi

4. startaegy number 3

4.1. sales isn't sales the purchase is sales

4.1.1. suld focus on purchase because it is game changer which brand you are purchasing which price which design which season

4.1.2. dont keep dead stock analayse why dead stock there is there any issue with design,price,or salesman ,presentation display issue

4.1.3. always try to sales brand items

5. strategy number 4

5.1. atract customer with essential sell the non essential

5.2. ex

5.2.1. bigbazaar discount on essential things perople end up buying non essential

6. strategy number 5

6.1. cost plus pricing strategy

6.1.1. keep a makeup over the cost of product to keep pricing reasonable low profit initially

7. strategy number 6

7.1. competition based pricing

7.1.1. create smart pricing differentiation

7.1.2. create becnhmark and create reason to entor

7.1.3. give discount on 10 percent of common product with your competitior

7.1.4. you can sell rest of the product later once you atract traffic

8. strategy num 7

8.1. premium pricing

8.1.1. more expensive the product more interesting

8.2. pshycological pricing

8.2.1. capitalize on brand zara mufti

8.2.2. special pricing for special time

9. strategy 8

9.1. penetrating price /market entry price

9.1.1. extend customer base

9.1.2. capture their attention

9.1.3. you need to have a deep pocket for this

9.2. ex

9.2.1. jio first captured the market and then increase price

10. strategy 9

10.1. high low pricing module

10.2. ex apple

10.3. capitalie on seasonal trend

10.3.1. as demands gets lower decrease price

11. strategy 10

11.1. Anchor pricing

11.1.1. try to show the low price that create a phychological anchor

11.1.2. write rs 1999 instead of 1999.00

11.1.3. should not keep the same price for similar products