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THE BLIND SIDE Brainstorming by Mind Map: THE BLIND SIDE   Brainstorming

1. Having the transfer from the teacher, Michael writing and flashes of different points in his story that we have seen, helps to see how he has developed from the person he was when he first arrived at the school to who he is now

2. Key events/moments that developed the narrative

2.1. During his first football game when he tells the coach he's got his back

2.1.1. This moment in the film is key, in the development of the story. It is where he does his first major tackle, which is younger brother SJ films and domino effects into multiple offers from universities wanting him to become apart of their football teams Using the close up on Michael's face, is important because when the whistle finally blows and his eyes flick open, we can see the intensity of the tackle in his eyes Having flashes away from his face onto the other players helps them to see how focused he is compared with the others who are twitching around trying to get into place etc. The camera techniques use also get everyone excited (like the crowd is screaming for Michael), as we watch him to push the guy off the field and the team score the point

2.2. When Michael Oher gets picked up by the Tuohy family

2.2.1. This is probably the most significant moment in the film. It is the part when the Touhy family see Michael walking along the road and as Sean Touhy when Leanne goes to talk to Michael that she 'is about to get her way'. The reason for it being significant is because the Touhy's change his life and give him the opportunities that he gets. The whole setting, a dark foggy night and how there is rain on the window helps set the mood. It seems eerie and like your in a forest It being dark can help represent where mike is, or it could be representing the real scenes depends how you want to interpret it Having the camera flashing between their faces and the angles at which the camera's are place in relationship to the characters face helps develop their feelings

2.3. When he sees his brother

2.3.1. The moment after they have just enjoyed a nice dinner with the family and other moments throughout that part of the story such as to how priviledged they are and how much about Mike that they don't know Having the camera view looking in to the restaurant can kind of be like they are looking from the outside into his life. When Leanne asks about the story that he used to be, the way he is sitting on the floor and having the camera set above his eye sight makes him look child like

2.4. When he writes the essay

2.4.1. This is a key event because it is the first time his english teacher gives him a good grade AND because he earn it. It also gives him a confidence boost

3. Relationships that develop between characters and outcomes of these relationships

3.1. SJ Touhy and Michael

3.1.1. Big brother/little brother Michael is extremely protective of SJ. This is developed quickly by the friendliness of SJ towards Michael. SJ then dedicates much of his time to training Michael for the football team. The strong relationship is shown when Michael stops the airbag from hitting SJ but sacrifices his arm in doing so. He also wants SJ to be part of his decision in choosing the college that he will go to.

3.2. Michael and Collins Touhy

3.2.1. Brother/sister Collins is quite apprehensive of a large black young man in her house, but as she gets to know him and is forced to spend time with him she begins to like him. She illustrates her care for him when she leaves her table of friends to study with Michael.

3.3. Michael and Leanne Touhy

3.3.1. Motherly Michael was wary but became protective quite quickly. He trusted her and told her that he had her back when they went to buy clothes for him. She became his 'mother' over a period of time.

3.4. Michael and Ms Sue Touhy

3.4.1. Mentor and student She pushes Michael and makes him believe in himself, when he says that he doesn't understand it, she adds 'not yet', 'you don't understand it yet'. She teaches him and spends time with him to make sure he understands. But she does appear one sided towards Mississippi college because she tells the scary story about Tenesse to discourage from going there

3.5. Michael and his biological mother

3.5.1. Not close, but Michael is still protective When Leanne visits Michael's biological mother, she tells Leanne that whenever he was in foster care he would run away and try to find her and take care of her. He valued her even though most of society would find her 'dirty and a druggie'.

3.6. Coach?

4. How characters develop and change: their decisions, motivations, what influences them

4.1. Michael

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Leanne Touhy

4.3. SJ Touhy

4.4. Sean Touhy

4.5. Collins Touhy

5. New node