mind map of immunisations lol

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Immunisations by Mind Map: Immunisations

1. Live vaccines

1.1. Varicella

2. Inactivated vaccines

2.1. Influenza

2.1.1. Type A

2.1.2. Type B

2.1.3. Type C

2.1.4. Spread by droplets (coughing & sneezing)

2.1.5. Infectious one day prior to symptoms Viral shedding for 3-5 days and then 7-10 in kids Spread by droplets (coughing & sneezing)

2.1.6. 50-70% effectiveness

2.1.7. Cannot cause flu because no live viruses in vaccine

2.1.8. Serious ADRs rare Common ADRs include sore arm, headache, mild fever, sore muscles

2.1.9. 14 day waiting period between influenza and covid-19 vaccine

3. Subunit vaccines

3.1. Protein

3.1.1. Hep B

3.2. Polysaccharide

3.2.1. Pneumococcal

4. Nucleic Acid

4.1. MRNA (Covid-19)

5. Toxoid

5.1. Tetanus

6. Viral Vector

6.1. Ebola

7. Vaccine Hesitancy

7.1. False and misleading information advocated by sites such as

7.2. Concerns about vaccination safety

7.3. Lack of information & knowledge

7.4. Perceived risk of adverse effects (eg autism)

7.5. Religious reasons

8. Herd Immunity

8.1. When enough people are immunised, makes it hard for the disease to spread throughout the population, therefore protecting non-immunised people

9. Vaccine vs Immunisation:

9.1. Vaccination: administration of vaccine

9.2. Immunisation: vaccination + successful immune response

9.2.1. Not always successful: due to lowered immunity of host/ inability to produce immunoglobulins

10. National Immunisation Program:

10.1. Hep B at birth