Deep Water

Flamingo Class 12 CBSE Chapter - 3 Deep water by William Douglas.

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Deep Water by Mind Map: Deep Water

1. Main Character:William O Douglas

1.1. adventures by nature

1.2. had a zest for life

1.3. courageous

1.4. indomitable spirit to overcome his fear

1.5. not frightened by crisis- accepted it as a challange

2. Theme : A real life account of experiancing fear and the steps taken to overcome it

2.1. an autobiographical account of a childhood misadventure

3. Determined ot defeat his fear

3.1. hired an instriucter to overcome his fear

3.2. practices five days a week - one hour dailty

3.3. used a bolt and rop w to teach swimming

3.4. learnt exhaling and inhaling while swimming

3.5. lpersistance fear started fading after three month's combined effortd of self and instructer

3.6. finally give n clean chit by instructer in April

3.7. Douglas ablr to dove and swim the lenght of the pool

4. Tested himself- to build self confidance

4.1. went to Lake Wentworth in Hampshire- dived and swam 2 miles to Stamp Act island

4.2. went to Meade Glacire to swim in warm lake near Gilbert Peak

5. A larger meaning drawn from the experiance

5.1. "All we have to fear is fear itself"

5.2. death is full of peace- fear of death terrorizes

6. Developed aversion to water

6.1. Father took him to the beach in california

6.2. Waves knocked him down and fear of water sets in

7. Misadventure at Y.M.C.A.

7.1. Years later Y.M.C.A. pool revived unpleasant memories

7.2. Childish fear of water stirred once again

7.3. Practice helps shaking off fear anf the feeling of uneasiness begins to disappear

7.4. An eighteen year old boy arrives and hurts him into deep side of the pool

7.5. Douglass plan to manage the crisis but fails

7.6. Failed to rise, suffocated, lungs ached, head throbbed and fear strickens

7.7. Became unconsious, nearly died

8. A Childhood Venture

8.1. Yakima river out of question because it had claimed many lives

8.2. Y.M.C.A. pool chosen for venture as it was safe; only 9 feet deep and 2 feet at shallow ends

8.3. Douglas plans to learn swimming

9. After- effects of the unplasant experiance

9.1. Fear haunts him for days together- feels wobbly and sick

9.2. Developes phobia of water

9.3. ruined his fishing trips

9.4. deprived him of joy of canoeing, boating & swimming

9.5. every wat to overcome his fear failed

9.6. one fay, all alone at pool, sits on the side and waits