Brief Government Profile

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Brief Government Profile by Mind Map: Brief Government Profile

1. House of representatives

1.1. Is the lower house with a hundred and sixty members

1.2. The special power is tha in impeachment they press carges against the president or supreme court justice

1.3. The Chamber is a collegiate body of direct representation that is elected by popular vote every four years.

2. Senate

2.1. Is the upper house wich has a hundred and two members

2.2. Special powers include approving military promotions presidential leaves and war

2.3. It is a collegiate body that directly represents the people and must act in consultation with justice and for the common good.

3. The House of Representatives and the Senate form the Congress

4. President

4.1. It corresponds to the President of the Republic as Head of State, Head of Government and supreme administrative authority: To freely appoint and separate the Ministers of the Office and the Directors of Administrative Departments. Direct international relations.The president of the republic of colombia is Ivan Duque Marguez 🐷🐷🐷