Constructivism Learning Theory

Joy Grundei Discussion Post 5-1 EDU-570-Q4448 Found in Curr Design I 21TW4

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Constructivism Learning Theory by Mind Map: Constructivism Learning Theory

1. This learning therory is based on individuals learning too create new knowledge by accessing their past experiences, insights and prior knowledge.

1.1. Motivation is key

1.2. Learning is personal, active, social, engaging, hands on, creative, and meaningful. Learning is reality and real world comparisons.

2. Using Constructivism in the classroom

2.1. for lessons students will have choices in the mode of presentations they chose for the creative writing unit.

2.2. Teachers act as facilitators of learning. They will guide, inspire, motivate, share, and collaborate with students and their learning process.

2.3. Students will build, create, collaborate in groups, reflect, peer teach, and be active learners. Students individual learning styles are used in lesson planning. Students will problem solve using real-life correlations.

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