The Festival of Eid

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The Festival of Eid by Mind Map: The Festival of Eid

1. Eidgah came with surrounding by palm trees and its cemented floor is covered with carpets.

2. Hamid's friends:-Mehmood, Mohsin and Noorey and others friends.

3. Mehmood buyed a soldier in a khaki uniform and red turban, with a rifle on his shoulder ready for the action.

4. Mohsin buys a smiling water carrier, ready to sprinkle water on dusty roads.

5. Noorey acquires a lawyer in a black gown with a gold watch chain and fat law book in his hand.

6. Mehmood buys sesame candy

7. After toys, it is sweets

8. Mohsin buys Gulab Jamun

9. Noorey buys Halwa

10. Hamid see a hardware shop that attract him

11. He see a pile of tong and buys it

12. but he don't have 6 pie only 3 pie

13. he ask shopkeeper to give him pile of tongs in 3 pie and after a minute of decision the shopkeeper gives him pile of tongs

14. now all boys bolly Hamid

15. but with confident Hamid says that all toys you all have are made of clay when it fall once it will broke but tongs will not

16. At the when his grand mothers see tongs and ask you eat anything he says no before he says any thing she shouted at him and told him to eat something and come and after calming he says that when you makes chapattis and when she cooks her hand gets burn that's why I buys tongs for you

17. now Hamid wants to buy tongs because he has his only grandmother who makes chapattis and when she cooks her hand gets burn that's why Hamid buys tongs