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1. The poet asked the wind to

1.1. come softly

1.2. not to break shutters of the windows

1.3. not to scatter papers

1.4. not to throw down the book from the shelf

2. The poet says that the wind had

2.1. threw all the books down

2.2. tore the pages of the book

2.3. brought rain again

3. He advices us to

3.1. Build strong homes

3.2. joint the doors firmly

3.3. to firm their body and make their hearts steady

3.4. so that the winds will be friend with us

4. Poet says that the wind

4.1. is very clever at poking fun at weakling

4.2. and frail crumbling houses , doors, rafters, wood ,bodies, lives & hearts and the wind god wil winnow and crush them all.