News Values

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News Values by Mind Map: News Values

1. Frequency

1.1. events that occur suddenly are more likely to be broadcasted than news that appears gradually everyday

2. Personalization

2.1. Indivisuals

2.1.1. actions of ONEs are more entertaining

3. Negativity

3.1. Bad news

3.1.1. - involving death, tragedy, bankruptcy, violence, damage, natural disaster is always rated above 'positive' stories

4. Proximity

4.1. Audiences

4.1.1. relate more to stories that are close to them geographically, or involve people from their country

5. Relevance

5.1. Unexpectedness

5.1.1. the first and only If a news organisation breaking a story, then they will rate that very highly

6. Predictability

6.1. Does the event match the expectations of a news organisation and its audience?

6.1.1. If a news story conforms to the preconceived ideas of those covering it, then it has expectedness as an important news value

7. Continuity

7.1. Events that are likely to have a continuing impact (a war, a two week sports tournament)

7.2. To be continued...