Goal as an Adolescent

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Goal as an Adolescent by Mind Map: Goal as an Adolescent

1. Have my non-professional driver's license.

1.1. Practice more.

1.2. Complete my Student Permit Application.

1.3. Review traffic signals.

1.4. Enroll to driving school for TDC and PDC certification.

2. Register to comelec so that I can vote on next year's presidential election.

2.1. Organize my documents.

2.2. Do my research.

2.3. Be educated on how to register.

3. Figure out my desired career plan before college entrance examinations.

3.1. Map out my interest.

3.2. Financial Stability.

3.3. Resources

3.4. Talent and skills

4. Be healthy.

4.1. Exercise

4.2. Eat healthy foods.

4.3. Do sports whenever possible.

4.4. Sleep early.

5. Improve my talent and skills.

5.1. Sing always

5.2. Practice editing photos and videos.

5.3. Plan number of photoshoot to utilize my photography skills.

5.4. Step up as a leader more often.

5.5. Try new things.