Simple Future

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Simple Future by Mind Map: Simple Future


1.1. Express a plan

1.1.1. Eg. He is going to spend hisvacations in hawaii

1.1.2. Eg. I am going to be an actor when I grow up.

1.2. To express a prediction

1.2.1. Eg. Jhon Smith is going to be the next president.

1.2.2. Eg. The year 2013 is going to be an interesting year.

1.3. Negative form

1.3.1. Eg. I am not going to that place.

1.3.2. Eg. she is not going to spend her vacation in Austrlia.

1.3.3. Eg. They are not going to watch the movie.


2.1. am / is / are + going to + verb

2.1.1. Eg. Are you going to the library?

2.1.2. Eg. Is Maria going to see her relatives

2.1.3. Eg. Am I going to make the cake?


3.1. yes/ no questions

3.1.1. Eg. Will you help him?

3.1.2. Eg. Will he buy that car?

3.2. wh- questions

3.2.1. Eg. What will they do after the party?

3.2.2. Eg. Where will he stay after the party?


4.1. to express a voluntary action

4.1.1. Eg. I will send you the information when i get it.

4.1.2. Eg. He will translate the w-mails Mr. Charles can read it.

4.2. to express a promise

4.2.1. Eg. She will call you when she arrives.

4.2.2. Eg. I promise i will not tell him about the surprise party

4.3. negative form

4.3.1. He will not (won´t) go to your party

4.3.2. Carol won´t make the lunch for you.

4.3.3. We won´t travel this year.