Maximum Results Group

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Maximum Results Group by Mind Map: Maximum Results Group

1. Our Companies

1.1. Coldwell Banker Maximum Results

1.2. Mortgage Alliance Maximum Results

2. History

2.1. Why did the business start

2.2. When did Maximum Results first get started?

2.3. Why did you choose the name MR?

2.4. Why did we franchise?

2.5. What did the business USED to look like

2.6. Husband/Wife Team: what are the benefits, obstacles you have overcome and why is it fun?

2.7. What has changed the most?

3. Mission

3.1. Purpose of the business

3.2. Customer Service

3.3. Expertise

4. Values

4.1. What does the business hold important in the community

4.2. What do we value as employees of Maximum Results

5. Community

5.1. Events

5.2. Sponsorships

5.3. Chartities

5.4. Alliances