Protect Community

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Protect Community by Mind Map: Protect Community

1. 3 R's

1.1. Reuse

1.1.1. Saves money Clothing Containers Wrapping paper

1.2. Recycle

1.2.1. We lessen the damage on Mother Nature by creating new products. Plastic Metal Clothing

1.3. Reduce

1.3.1. Aids in the preservation of the environment for future generations Environmental Bag Refillable bottle Update computer

2. Proper Waste Management

2.1. Biodegradable

2.1.1. Produces less pollution Paper Fruits Vegetables

2.2. Non-biodegradable

2.2.1. It can cause pollution, block drains and harm animals. Plastic Glass Batteries

2.3. Hazardous

2.3.1. It can harm people, animals, and plants. Gasoline Brake fuel Oil

2.4. E-waste

2.4.1. It release toxic substances and contaminate the environment. Printer Scanner Phone

3. Conservation

3.1. Water

3.1.1. Fix leaks

3.1.2. Turn off when not in use

3.2. Energy

3.2.1. Solar

3.2.2. Turn off electricity when not in use

3.3. Food

3.3.1. Budget

3.3.2. Reheat leftover

4. Stop Pollution

4.1. Air

4.1.1. Riding bike

4.1.2. Walking

4.1.3. Don't burn plastic garbage.

4.2. Water

4.2.1. Proper disposal of garbage

4.3. Soil

4.3.1. Plant trees

4.3.2. Purchase organic