Samadhaan Service Improvement

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Samadhaan Service Improvement by Mind Map: Samadhaan Service Improvement

1. URS & Functional Documentation

1.1. Updated Functional Documentation of Addverb System

2. AMC Finalization

3. System Performance

3.1. Database Sizing

3.1.1. Database Indexing & Archival Policy Definition

3.2. Hardware Capability

3.2.1. Identification of Hardware Requirements - Enterprise Application and Reporting Server Split Costing Details in Progress

3.2.2. Detailing of Archival Policy and moving the archived data from Production Server Costing Details in Progress

4. Application Issues

4.1. Immediate

4.1.1. Issue Resolution [18 Issues] Bin to Bin Process [6 Issues] SOP's

4.2. Long Term

4.2.1. Load Testing Connection Pooling PutAway PutAway and Picking [C Class] Query Fine Tuning

4.2.2. Exception Handling

4.2.3. Code Review

4.2.4. Query Fine Tuning

4.2.5. Implement Application Monitoring Tool Implement Prometheus [ETC 02/07] Log 4J2 Upgrade to Log 4J2 [ETC 02/07] Grafana HW Monitoring Implementation [ETC 02/07] Performance: Historical Performance Monitoring Enabling

4.2.6. Staging Server for Production Testing

4.2.7. Enabling SIT and UAT Servers for software and hardware testing Test Server Sizing & Licensing Requirements Proposal Details Costing Details

4.3. Logging and Exception handling

4.3.1. Application Logs to be made available for easier and faster debugging

4.3.2. Proper error messages to be thrown so that troubleshooting is faster

5. Network Issues

5.1. Immediate

5.1.1. Faulty Device Replacement

5.1.2. Internet Speed Monitoring ( by ISP)

5.1.3. Internet Link & Network Support Availability of a dedicated person from Addverb for Network Support Make Airtel as Primary Link Hardware Configuration to enable 25MBPS in the warehouse Add Sify as secondary link Automatic Swap between two links in the warehouse Automatic Swap outside the warehouse network

5.1.4. 24*7 Network Support by Skylark Proposal Submission for Dedicated support by Skylark to Addverb

5.1.5. Wifi Installation at the Blind Spot Implement Network Monitoring Tool Discussion Kickstart

5.1.6. Dedicated cooling room for Server

5.1.7. A/B testing of networks to identify the impact

5.2. Long Term

5.2.1. Assessment of Network Topology Survey by Cisco team All physical documents and pictures shared with Cisco Team Addverb Dashboard Query Fine Tuning Testing Abhishek / Bharath [ETC 04/07]

6. Governance

6.1. Setup Service Review every on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

6.2. Demand Management

6.2.1. Wk IPM Call Setup

6.3. L1/L2 Process Finalization

6.3.1. Setup CAB Process

6.3.2. Freshdesk Tool Implementation

6.4. Ways of Working

6.4.1. Knowledge Management Manual Error Scenario's Bug Categorization SOPs Updated SOPs and FSDs to be shared

6.4.2. Release Management Process Documentation of Release Notes and Signs offs of Test results from Addverb including Regression Testing Results

6.4.3. Documentation & Signoff of FSD, Test Scenario btw Addverb & Unilever Functional Team

6.4.4. Setup Critical Issue Governance Issue monitoring process and categorization of issues in Daily Huddle

6.4.5. Response Time from Addverb and POC for Application Development, Application Support and Network Support

6.4.6. Google sheet created for logging of issues

7. Changes, New Requirement

7.1. New Reports

7.1.1. Report Format Evaluation Complete and Prioritization Complete Identification of Data sets to generate reports & design the wireframe Development Timeline discussion in progress

7.2. Change List

7.2.1. URS Documentation of Aug - October Release Complete (expansion related requirements) Development in Progress as per prioritization

7.2.2. Backlog of Bug Fixing

7.3. Automation of Repeated L1 issues

8. Completed

9. In Progress

10. Existing Data Availability

10.1. Immediate

10.1.1. Data Accessibility of Existing Reports Enabled Accessibility of Daily reports in a Central Location on Teams Site Automation of Excels - do we need to get this enabled ?

10.1.2. Historical Data Dumps

10.2. Long Term

10.2.1. Creation of Dedicated S3

10.2.2. Datalake and Cataloging Discussion Kickstart

11. Future Design

11.1. Automated slotting

11.2. Inventory ownership

11.3. Utilizing idle time for maintenance activities

11.4. Norms improvisation

11.5. Ensuring enough tasks are there at all zones

11.6. Right sizing of zones

11.7. 2 shift operations

11.7.1. No operations on Sunday

11.8. Test: FC from MMDH and EAN from MMSH

11.9. SOP Master