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Deforestation by Mind Map: Deforestation

1. Description of the problem

2. Predictions

3. Solutions

4. Deforestation has originated since in recent years a large part of the tropical forest has been destroyed, cutting down trees to use wood or clearing the land to be used for agriculture. Having a large number of trees helps to control global warming since they absorb carbon dioxide, and with deforestation many animals that live there are in danger of becoming extinct.

5. In the future it will be possible to observe the damage caused by deforestationsince by not having trees, carbon dioxide will affect the planet and gobal warming be worse. There will also be a hotter climate, since the trees helps to have a bit of cool and have shade to protect us.

6. To stop deforestation we can -Plant more trees in spaces where they are not found or have been cut dow. -We can also help the environment, raising awareness in people to stop cutting down trees.