What is Urbanisation?

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What is Urbanisation? by Mind Map: What is Urbanisation?

1. What are the social issues created by urbanisation?

1.1. The equity of people becomes a challenge as new amenities and infrastructure are built.

1.2. Social integration, and possible decrease in social cohesion as the environment is redesigned.

1.3. If managed or designed poorly, this will lead to problems such as urbanised areas turning into slums.

2. What are the economic issues created by urbanisation?

2.1. Increased living costs within the city often creates poorer outer regions.

2.2. Higher efficiency leads to reduced equitability.

2.3. Increased opportunities for employment, and a higher quality of education and transport, etc.

3. Who are the stakeholders and what are their roles?

3.1. Lend Lease is the organisation involved in the development of Barangaroo.

3.2. The NSW government owns the land and has tasked the Barangaroo Delivery Authority to manage it.

3.3. Local groups who disapprove of the development, such as Barangaroo Action Group.

4. How would you control future urban growth?

4.1. Long term assessment of the essential infrastructure needed to sustain future urban growth.

4.2. Develop plans to reduce inequities and social exclusion/inclusion.

4.3. Develop long term policies that address the competitiveness of the global economy.

5. What does it look like?

5.1. Growth in industrial productions.

5.2. Increased commercial activity.

5.3. Improvement in scientific and cultural developments.

5.4. Lack of equity.

5.5. Resource and energy challenges within the affected area.

5.6. Reduction in biodiversity in the surrounding area.

6. What are the possible environmental issues created by urbanisation?

6.1. Air, water, noise, and light pollution.

6.2. Destruction of local habitats, and displacement of native fauna.

6.3. Increased air pollution and destruction of trees contributes to global warming and the Greenhouse Effect.

6.4. Can cause increased damage to our water systems especially the Hawkesbury Nepean

7. Urban processes

7.1. Urban consolidation.

7.2. Urban sprawl.

7.3. Urban Corridor

7.4. Urban Hierarchy

7.5. Urban Overspill