Why is the climate changing

Post 2.L12. Laura Diaz's mindmap.

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Why is the climate changing by Mind Map: Why is the climate changing

1. Deforestation

2. Description of the problem:The problem of deforestation has been mainly due to indiscriminate logging, for the consumption of wood or agriculture, forest fires, among others.

3. Predictions: I think it will be a major environmental problem, air pollution, because trees provide oxygen. I believe that the ecosystems, flora and fauna that live in the areas will be affected by logging and could be damaged.

4. Solutions: I think will help to stop the problem, planting trees, taking care of what we consume, such as palm oil, they cut down trees to plant palms and extract their oil, thus destroying ecosystems, reusing wood, making furniture with pallets or having furniture made of more resistant wood, not pressed or mdf.