Vanier - Children's Mental Wellness

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Vanier - Children's Mental Wellness by Mind Map: Vanier - Children's Mental Wellness

1. Vanier is a leader in children's mental health services. Vanier's services are designed to offer support to families who have a child struggling with social, emotional, behavioural and mental health issues.

2. Services and programs offered for Ontario Students

2.1. School Community Intervention Partnership (SCIP), provides effective early intervention for children in elementary school system who experience difficulties in emotional and behavioural self-regulation. Grades 1 to 5. SCIP offers: Consultation, Intake and Assessment Case Management and Service Coordination Parent / Caregiver Skill Building, Support

2.2. The Arson Prevention Program – Community (TAPP-C), providing timely assessment and intervention to reduce inappropriate fire involvement and promote fire safety among children and youth up to 18 years of age.

2.3. Tandem (formerly The Crisis and Intake Team – CIT) is a 24/7 Crisis Support Services and Intake team for: Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness for birth – 12 Humana Community Services for ages 13-18 Craigwood Children, Youth & Family Services for ages 12-18 Call 519-433-0334 anytime day or night.

2.4. Individual treatment plans are co-created with families in a collaborative manner to meet their needs. We offer a spectrum of services that vary in intensity, location, and program goals.

3. Vision, Values and Goals

3.1. Vision: A London-Middlesex Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health System, supported by the unique contributions of Vanier Children’s Services, providing timely, child-centred, family-friendly, culturally-informed, comprehensive services and programs.

3.2. Values: Respect, Compassion, Inclusivity, Collaboration & Shared Decision Making, Evidence-Informed.

3.3. We listen. We advocate. We champion children to find their victories every day. We support the family, the central part of a successful outcome. We help put the pieces together.