Batman:The Dark Knight

Mariel Dalton, Cassie Dyson, Sara Conos and Jane Watson

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Batman:The Dark Knight by Mind Map: Batman:The Dark Knight


1.1. Bruce realizes the true meaning of being Batman

1.1.1. He realises when the one he loves won't be with him for his true identity. She only wanted him but he could give up batman but Goltham needs batman. By the end of the movie he sees the man he had developed from. He decides that Gotham doesn't need him anymore When Batman decides to take the blame for Harvey he runs into the night. One because that is his colour, two because it symbolises that he is running away and three because he doesn't want the towns hope to leave. Rachel is a massive influence on Bruce and how we acted while he was Batman. The joker motivated him to be able to protect the city.

1.2. Harvey becomes two-face

1.2.1. When the Joker takes both Harvey and Rachel and makes Batman choose who to save Flipping a coin

1.2.2. The joker gets into Harvey's head and makes him believe that the police are evil and that they were the ones that killed Rachel. Through this we learn about harvey being two-faced literally because half of his face gets burnt off in the fire. The decision is made by the Joker and Batman together, when Bruce chose Harvey over Rachel without knowing who was in which destination. Harvey didn't have much control over it, and the Joker aimed to have power, which by the end, is what he had. The Joker influenced Harvey in becoming evil and hurting the people who were actually innocent The production techniques for Harvey is the detail and time put into the making his face look the way it did. The make been done to make him look like a real criminal. That his character changed over time. He wanted to kill the people who didn't help safe Rachel

1.3. Joker discovers the power he has over Gotham

1.3.1. He figures out that the more he pushed the town that the move the people feared him. The more he feared them the more control he had. He decides to turn the people in the city against each other, he decides to kill some of the people and he decides that without Batman there is no Joker good and evil is shown in the film. So in order for the Joker to have a role he had to be evil. The batman and the joker complement each other. The producers add suspense to the storyline especially when the two boats full of either civilians or criminals, and telling them that they have to choose. They do this by adding the almost ear-piercing music growing into a crescendo when the clock ticks closer to 12:00. When the Joker started killing a few people, it made him realise that if you do something bad, people will notice and together try to stop it by doing whatever you'd like them to do. Ultimately having power over the whole city.


2.1. Bruce (Batman) and Rachel

2.1.1. Rachel tells Bruce that she wants to be with him if he gives up Batman. At the press meeting, Harvey says that he is Batman before Bruce does. This tears Rachel and Bruce apart and she takes back what she has said to Bruce and accepts Harvey's proposal. The camera angles when Rachel is sliding down the edge of the building, it both shows her falling and then a close up on Batman going after her. The music is well used here as well because it just makes the scene more intense.

2.2. Bruce and Harvey

2.2.1. Throughout the movie, Bruce gains some respect for Harvey and this is shown at the end of the movie when Harvey turns evil. Batman takes the blame for Harvey’s mistakes so that Harvey is still remembered as a hero. When Harvey dies at the end of the movie, there is a dull light on him on the burnt side of his face but when it turns over to the normal side the light is a bit more bright a bit to show that, that was the good side of Harvey.

2.3. Batman and the Joker

2.3.1. Throughout the movie, Batman had many chances to kill the joker, but he never took advantage of these situations. he starts to understand the joker because the joker tells batman about his life previous to becoming the 'joker'. they don't become friends and still fight but they never take advantage of when one another is vulnerable the lighting on batman and the joker is always rather harsh, to show that they are still enemies although they will not kill each other. The camera angle on batman is always looking up and the angle on the joker is always down to show that batman is superior to the joker


3.1. Harvey saying he's Batman

3.1.1. The Joker thinks that Harvey is the batman, this is Harvey being a hero in order to safe the real batman. But it also influences the joker to hurt Harvey and Rachel because she is the person he loves most. The producers do this by the camera angles when Harvey is about to tell everyone that he's Batman. The cameras pan around to show the viewer how many people he is telling the such classified information. The amount of people helps enforce the fact that he is such a hero.

3.2. Hospital blowing up

3.2.1. This shows Goltham how cruel the Joker can be by threatening the people that he will blow up the hospital. It also shows how clever the Joker as he knows what the town is willing to do to keep them alive, therefore he knows how to take charge on the town. The sounds of the explosions, the way that the joker reacted to the explosions stoping, was like is that all and to give it more of a build up. The intensity of the hospital been blown up and hopefully that no one would get hurt

3.3. Batman choosing between Harvey and Rachel and Harvey

3.3.1. This is a significant scene of Bruce, Rachel and Harvey. Only one will survive, and if batman was given the correct information then Rachel would still be alive and not Harvey. This not only tears Harvey apart but Bruce as well. They both lose the one person they truly love. The cuts back and forth between Rachel and Harvey talking and then back to the Batman and the police trying to get them back.