open-source natural building based semi-modular Eco-Village for open healing Organic-Economy W...

Network for Integrated Co-creative "SEEED" Production and Industry made in Palestine "Social Ecological Embedded Economy and Development"

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open-source natural building based semi-modular Eco-Village for open healing Organic-Economy Willing to support? Please contact Wael Al Saad: [email protected] SKYPE wael.alsaad or visit by Mind Map: open-source natural building based semi-modular Eco-Village for  open healing Organic-Economy   Willing to support? Please contact Wael Al Saad: SKYPE wael.alsaad or visit

1. Introduction of "HOME" as nexus indigenous trade mark for local and international Sales

2. Network TAGs

2.1. Awaken Inelegance

2.2. Human Dignity and Security

2.3. Whole Communities

2.4. Transliteracy

2.5. Low Carbon Architecture/Economy/Society

3. Principles guide our purpose

3.1. Ethical

3.1.1. Honest

3.1.2. Equal chances

3.1.3. No harm culture

3.1.4. Democracy and Opinion Freedom

3.1.5. mutual respect

3.2. Functional

3.2.1. Enhance Synergy

3.2.2. Openness and transparency ("open source" Palestine)

3.2.3. co-creative: Facilitation of participation and involvement

3.2.4. Innovative

3.2.5. Effective living and natural design/structure/architecture

3.2.6. Pursue dynamic role and task alignment

3.3. Social

3.3.1. Equity

3.3.2. Sustain community and its benefits

3.3.3. Honoring cultural diversity

3.3.4. Flourish Civic Society

3.3.5. Fundamental needs within Integrated Ecosystems of Production Education and Qualification Health Family Hobby, Entertainment and spiritual demand Arts

3.4. Ecological

3.4.1. Apply Parmaculture "every where"

3.4.2. Commit to Green Business Resource Efficiency Use Renewable Energy Product as living Service Waste as Resources

3.4.3. Maintain Natural Capital and the services it provides

3.5. Economical

3.5.1. Fair trade

3.5.2. True cost pricing

3.5.3. Direct relationship to ownership

3.5.4. Distribute wealth equitably among those who contribute to its creation

3.5.5. Equitably distributed responsibilities of ownership

3.5.6. Build resilient local economies

3.5.7. Reinvest in the local community

3.5.8. Value-Added Production without increasing the strain on ecosystems

4. The purpose

4.1. Foundation of Integrated Communal Ecosystems for Production in "Palestine"

4.2. Increasing sustainable sophistication of involved communities

5. Production

5.1. Agriculture, Farming and Wildness

5.1.1. Foodstuff fruits and vegetables Milk pr meat pr Olive pr herbals pr Tee bags Spices

5.1.2. Beauty and care Olive pr herbs pr

5.1.3. Organic Pharmaceutic

5.2. Community Arts

6. Industry and businesses

6.1. Water Conservation and Management

6.2. Raw material

6.2.1. Sheap wool shearing and courindg

6.3. Animal Food

6.4. Composting, Recycling

6.5. Regenerative Energy Systems

6.6. Ecotourism and wellness

6.7. Indigenous handcraft

6.8. Indigenous Architecture

6.9. Consulting and Solutions

6.10. Fashion

6.11. Theater

6.12. Radio

6.13. TV

6.14. Film

7. Deparments

7.1. I Principia and Legacy

7.2. II Research, Innovation and Development RID

7.3. III Management and ITC

7.4. Logistics, Distribution

7.5. Production&Industry

7.6. Supply Chain Quality Mngm

7.6.1. intern

7.6.2. extern

7.7. e-Commerce, Finance, Sales and Marketing

7.8. Internationalization

7.9. Community Development

7.10. Bank .. later community currency

8. Resources

8.1. Appropedia

8.2. Factorefarm

8.3. WiserEarth

8.4. Austrian Middle East Environment Protection Association

8.5. tamera

8.6. Alfred Adler

8.7. playgrounds for palestine

8.8. Cal-Earth Institute

9. List of Palestinian potential partners

10. Motivation

10.1. Practical investment of Palestinian collective intelligence and capacities

10.2. Realistic Building of Palestine and the Palestinian nation

10.3. Make use of eco-social gravity

10.4. Prevent the Palestinian Heritage

10.5. Through re-investmenet, the production parks to get expanded into living systems for economic- and self-development

11. Open Questions

11.1. Start SWOT Analysis for different scenraios

11.2. Look for existing models

11.3. How to grant political support

11.4. How to start fundraising

11.4.1. worker as entrepreneur

11.4.2. find funds for manufacturing machines

12. Strategy

12.1. set up an interim collaborative environment

12.2. To Do's

12.2.1. draft the idea

12.2.2. Design "Back Immigration" campaign to build Palestine

12.2.3. create presentation. Done to be improved. video presentation.

12.2.4. start visualization and animation project

12.2.5. Arrange formal support

12.2.6. build scenario team to develop living strategy

13. Business carried and developed by 12 domains

13.1. 1. Nutrition food, agriculture, farming

13.2. 2. Ecosystem stability, preservation, restoration

13.3. 3. Un/Learning qualification, self-empowerment

13.4. 4. Energy independence, efficiency, renewable

13.5. 5. Habital land use, community needs, Architecture

13.6. 6. Wellness high quality of life, health

13.7. 7. Resources availability, extraction usage, conversation, recycling

13.8. 8. Waste elimination, re-use

13.9. 9.Governance policy making: equity, co-creative

13.10. 10. Businesses all possible practices balanced, completeness, meaningful work, appropriate tech.

13.11. 11. Art cultural views, heritage

13.12. 12. Affinity community development global supply/ giving-back chain

13.13. 13. Logistics and Transportation

14. Neue Idee

15. Network TAGs