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1. It is an interesting story of a young seagull who was afraid of flying.

2. Theme

2.1. The theme of the story “His first flight” is having courage and self - confidence . It also deals with the theme of how to overcome fears and move forward.

3. Glossary

3.1. Ledge - A narrow horizontal shelf projecting from a wall or a cliff

3.2. Skim : to move lightly just above a surface

3.3. Upbraiding : scolding

3.4. Herring : a soft - fined sea fish

3.5. Preening : making an effort to maintain feathers

3.6. ( To ) Whet : to sharpen

3.7. Derisively : in a manner showing someone that she/he is stupid

3.8. Dizzy : An uncomfortable feeling of spinning around and losing one's balance

3.9. Curveting : leaping like a horse

3.10. Banking - flying with one wing higher than the other

4. Key points

4.1. He was left alone for twenty fours and he ate nothing.

4.1.1. His parents, brothers and sister encouraged, scolded, tempted and taunted him to make his first flight. But he could not collect enough courage to fly.

4.2. He was extremely hungry. His mother was looking at him. He begged her for food.

4.3. She picked up a piece of fish and flew across him. The sight of food maddened him. He dived.

4.4. He cried and screamed. His wings opened up automatically. He flapped his wings.

4.5. He was joined by his family in his first flight. His family praised him  for his efforts and offered him scraps of dog fish.

5. Author

5.1. By Liam O Flaherly - Irish novelist and short-story writer 

6. Message from the story

6.1. One has to struggle to see success. The story of the young seagull is the story of overcoming hesitations, doubts and fears that stand between us and our success. Hunger makes him take the final plunge. This leads him to make his first fligh

7. Summary

7.1. His First Flight' is a story of a young seagull who is afraid of flying. A family of seagulls lived on a ledge. By way of punishment, his family left him alone on the ledge and flew away. They upbraided him, taunted him for cowardice and even threatened to let him starve.