Sales & Marketing

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Sales & Marketing by Mind Map: Sales & Marketing

1. Marketing

1.1. Product

1.1.1. Packaging

1.1.2. Culinary Recipe Management Nutritional Compliance Production Food Safety Labeling HACCP

1.1.3. Supply Chain EDI to source Traceability

1.2. Placement

1.2.1. Site Selection

1.2.2. Destination Catering Delivery Drive Through Curbside Dine In Take out

1.2.3. Order Channel Assisted In person Phone Comm Systems Self Order Brand Third Party

1.3. Promotion

1.3.1. Branding

1.3.2. Media & Advertising Agency Management Ad Funding

1.3.3. Guest Experience Personalized Marketing Digital Media Segmentation Loyalty & Rewards Environmental on-prem

1.4. Price

1.4.1. Competitive Analysis

1.4.2. What market will bear

1.4.3. Margin

2. Sales

2.1. Payment

2.1.1. Methods Currency Exchange Cash Credit Stored Value Digital Currency Non-monetary Value Compensation Promo Retention comps EE comp Loyalty Redemption

2.2. Sales Accounting

2.2.1. Order Itemization

2.2.2. Reporting/ Analysis Operational Financial Marketing

2.2.3. GL