Leadership Theories

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Leadership Theories by Mind Map: Leadership Theories

1. Contingency Theory

1.1. Different leadership styles are applied

1.2. focus on specific variables related to the environment of the business

1.3. No leadership style is best in all situations.

2. Trait Theory

2.1. Leader are born

2.2. Identifies potentail leader

2.3. Access likelihood of success and failure

2.4. Considers natural born traits

3. Transactional Theory

3.1. Reward and punishment

3.2. Individual consideration

3.3. Supervision, organization, and group performance

4. Situational theory

4.1. Different leadership styles

4.2. Effective leadership style

4.3. Balances the organization

4.4. No one leadership style is better than others.

5. Behavioral Theory

5.1. Leaders can be made

5.2. Definable and learnable behavior

5.3. Studies the behaviors

6. Great Man Theory

6.1. Earliest theory

6.2. Leaders are born with the right traits

6.3. The ability to lead is inherent

7. Participative Theory

7.1. Encourages participation of others

7.2. Other members have the right to input