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English by Mind Map: English
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My grammar suitcase

husk at to do bøjes: I do you do he, she,it does we, you, they do

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Questions I need to ask my teacher or someone else

What not to write or say in English

Once when I was playing tennis in the US I said: Oh, I really screwed that ball (don't say that - the phrase to use is "put (a) spin on the ball")

Struck by lightning and other idioms

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When to do what?



Notes and written tasks


Amish: - living old school - riding horses instead of cars - wearing look alike simple clothing - live in western towns/towns in the country - old traditions - having many children (no condoms) - no computer, mobiles or high tecnology - they do everything by hand Facts: The amish is a Christian religious group that was formed in 1693. It started in europe, but because of persecution, they travelled to USA whom invited them in. The amish people live in small closed communities, with no contact to the outside world. Because of the isolation, they are very close knitted together with their neighbours and families. Services are held at a private home in town and lasts 3-4 hours. They speak pennsylvanian-dutch during the service. They don't believe in baby-baptism. They believe that only grown-ups can choose whether or not to get baptised. The armish believe in not having to rush from place to place, and its against their religious belief to use modern transportation, and therefore they drive in horsedriving wagons. The ekstra time is used to think about god. If they have to go to the city, they use trains or busses. They dress in the same kind of clothing. The girls only wear three different colors; blue, green and purple. The boys wear black and white. They dont wear unnesecary things like zippers, botton etc. Children/youth: They drop out of school in eight grade, because it's not well seen to get a good education, because they think it's more important to know how to harvest, how to cook, how to sew and all the other handy stuff. In school they have the basic subjects. Their teacher is a young unmarried woman from the town. The parents help at school (light the fireplace in the morning, bake birthday cakes). The school is a oneroomed classroom. They don't have homeworks, because in their sparetime they help at the farms. Their vacations and school brakes lies so they can help by the time of harvest. They learn how it's not important to win a game of baseball, but it's only for fun. The childrens toys is simple, homemade and of wood. They have like rollerskates, but only the oldschool ones were the wheels is placed two and two. Rumspringa: At the age of 16 the youth goes on Rumspringa. The lenght of the Rumspringa is defferent from town to town. Up to 4 years. It's a year or years where the young person can go into the big city, go to partys, get a driving license, get "normal" clothes and try to live like a "normal" teenager. Usually they keep living at home during the Rumspringa, but some go and live by friends in the big city. In the end of the Rumspringa, the young person choose if he/she wants to get baptised and live in the town. If the person choose not to, he/she gets expelled from her family and town. Most armish children choose to get baptised.

People who changed the world

Young Americans

Issues in England

Identity and dreams


Plan for the year



Words of the week

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