Scrum Definitions

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Scrum Definitions by Mind Map: Scrum Definitions

1. Sprint planning meeting

1.1. Teacher presents top learning goals to the teams. They select the work they can get done during the next spring. That work becomes the next sprint backlog list. The definition of ”done is defined.”

2. Sprint backlog

2.1. A list of tasks to be completed in a sprint. The sprint backlog also Sprint backlog includes a goal.

3. Daily scrum

3.1. A meeting held each day during the sprint. Everyone must attend. The meeting sets the agenda and expectations for the day and talk through any issues that need resolution before getting to work.

4. Sprint review meeting

4.1. The team shares their work at the end of each sprint. This is not a task. It is informal.

5. Sprint retrospective

5.1. The team, along with the ScrumMaster and product owner, also conducts a sprint retrospective, reflect on how well the process is working, and what can be done to improve it, and what is working very well and needs to be protected.

6. Product owner

6.1. The key stakeholder who represents learning objectives and standards. In agile learning, the product owner is typically the teacher.

7. Scrum team

7.1. A team that completes committed to work within a sprint.

8. Scrum master

8.1. Ensures the team is productive. Helping the team with processes, and by removing impediments, by protecting time, and eliminating distractions.

9. Learning goal

9.1. The objective of the overall course or lesson.

10. Learning backlog

10.1. A prioritized list of learning components or learning products/examples.

11. User stories

11.1. A list of learning outcomes. May reflect standards and other requirements.