Carizon Family and Community Services

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Carizon Family and Community Services by Mind Map: Carizon Family and Community Services

1. Mission and Vision

1.1. "Carizon specializes in children’s mental health, youth engagement and development, family violence services, individual and family counselling, parental support and education, credit counselling, workplace resilience, settlement support and community wellness" (Carizon, 2020)

1.2. Hope, Wellness and Community

1.3. Help families thrive in their communities by strengthening their wellbeing and mental health

2. Address equity, inclusion and historically marginalized communities

2.1. Carizon works to support refugees and newcomers to Canada with outreach programs, group counselling for refugees, and educational workshops.

2.2. Services offered for Refugees and Newcomers:

2.2.1. Community Wellbeing Orientation Session

2.2.2. Consultations Services

2.2.3. Trauma Treatment Groups

2.2.4. Individual Counselling

2.2.5. Drop In

2.2.6. Community Educational Sessions and Mental Health Workshops

2.2.7. More Information: Contact [email protected] or 519-743-6333

3. Services and Programs

3.1. Counselling

3.1.1. Individual

3.1.2. Group Programs

3.1.3. Workshops

3.1.4. Walk In Counselling

3.1.5. Children's Counselling

3.1.6. Abuse and Assault

3.1.7. Trauma Counselling

3.2. Children's Mental Health

3.2.1. Encompass Program: "The Encompass Program is a combination of residential, day/education (Section 23 classroom**), after-school and home-based, and recreational programs that provide treatment to children with trauma, psychosocial, learning and mental health challenges at school, at home and in the community." (Carizon, 2020)

3.2.2. Trauma Treatment Services

3.2.3. Front Door: Front Door is a partnership program with Carizon and Lutherwood. They support children who are struggling with challenges such as behaviours, emotions, relationships and mental health. They can offer supports and help to access other services.

3.2.4. Walk In Counselling

3.2.5. Mobile Crisis Response Program

3.2.6. Community Resource Program

3.2.7. Zero2Six "The Zero2Six program offers individual consultation sessions to parents/caregivers of infants, toddlers and preschoolers (birth to six years of age). The one-hour session focuses on social and emotional development, behaviour challenges, and parenting strategies." (Carizon, 2020)

3.3. Education and School Based Services

3.3.1. Pathway to Education "The Pathways to Education Program™ is a national, charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Its award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future. " (Carizon, 2020)

3.3.2. Encompass Learning

3.3.3. Community Resource Program

4. Accessing Services/ Programs

4.1. "Just call us at 519-743-6333 or email us at [email protected] Our receptionist will connect you with an Intake Worker who will talk with you and determine an appropriate course of action which may include an appointment with a counsellor or a referral to another community resource that would better meet your needs. " (Carizon, 2020)

5. For More Information: Home | Carizon