Chapter 2 & 3

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Chapter 2 & 3 by Mind Map: Chapter 2 & 3

1. Mulata

1.1. Mulata is known for black and mixed race female sexuality.

1.1.1. Mulata was used to enlighten sexual product Mulata dance form a dialogue to separate them from being confused with prostitute.

2. Women like Gloria consider working as "making it"

3. Not Beneficial to the lower class

3.1. All ages have beg for food, clothing and money.

3.1.1. The children can't afford to go to school They cant stay focus due to the struggle around them.

4. Beneficial

4.1. Being wealthy is beneficial to the high class children because they are able to focus in school.

5. The spectrum of "Race" relies more on colors and a person skin type.

5.1. Where black people are being view as unattractive and white are attractive.

5.1.1. light skin most likely to be successful than darker skin person. Women are a prime example Race and sex are combined in the blackness.

6. Employee usually work 1-2 hours away from home.

6.1. Worked 14 or 15 hours a day. They barely have time to spent with there family.

7. Example Gloria earned 5 minimum salaries per month

7.1. Dona offer Gloria 5 minimum wage monthly to work six-days workweek

7.1.1. she work in different home. Each house have different tasks. Gloria thought there was some distinct advantage to work this routine. Gloria would make six dollars a day, and that so many mouth to fed

8. Domestic workers get 1 minimum wage

8.1. The wage goes based on classes. The lower class, the middle class, and the high class.

8.1.1. There are less higher classes than lower classes. Therefore, there isn't enough higher class to employed the lower class. The lower class are seeing as stupid and talk different.

9. Class, Culture, ans the Lives Domestic Workers chapter 2

10. Chapter 3 Race & Sex relation

10.1. Race became an uncomfortable topic in Brazil.

10.1.1. Racism is internalized