36 Market Organisation and Structure

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36 Market Organisation and Structure by Mind Map: 36 Market Organisation and Structure

1. Markets, Assets & Intermediaries

1.1. Main function of the financial systems

1.1.1. Return Determination

1.1.2. Achievement of Purposes in the financial systems

1.1.3. Allocation of Capital

1.2. Assets and Contracts

1.2.1. Commodities Traded in spot/futures/forward markets Argiculutral products Energy products Industrial metals Precious Metals Credit for carbon reeduction

1.2.2. Currencies Issued by government's central bank Reserve currencies

1.2.3. Real assets Real estate Equipment Machinery REIT/MLP

1.2.4. Securities Who issue securities? Corporation Govt Definition of a new sale of security Debt securities Fixed income securities Equity securities Preferred Stock Common Stock Warrants Pooled Investment Vehicles Hedge Funds Mutual Funds ETF ETN Asset-backed securities

1.2.5. Contracts Financial contracts Insurance Futures Forward Swap contract Option Credit default swaps

1.2.6. Classifications of Assets and Markets Spot markets Future Markets Primary markets Secondary markets Money markets Capital Markets Traditional Investment Markets Alternative Investment markets Publicly traded securities Private securities X Financial assets Derivative Contracts

1.2.7. Capital Markets

1.3. Financial Intermediaries

1.3.1. Brokers, Dealers & Exchanges Alternative trading systems (ATS) Electronic Communication Networks (ECNS) Multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) Exchanges Brokers Block brokers Dealers Broker-dealers Primary dealers Investment Banks

1.3.2. Securitizers SPV / SPE

1.3.3. Depository Institutions Banks, Credit Unions, Savings and Loans

1.3.4. Insurance companies Moral hazard Adverse selection Fraud

1.3.5. Arbitrageurs

1.3.6. Clearinghouses Escrow services Guarantees of contract completion Assurance that margin traders have adequate capital Limits on aggregate net order quality limit counterparty risk

1.3.7. Custodians

2. Positions and Leverage