Globalization vs The Fashion Industry

How Globalization has Impacted the Fashion Industry

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Globalization vs The Fashion Industry by Mind Map: Globalization vs The Fashion Industry

1. Economy

1.1. Good Quality Items for Low Prices

1.2. Large Income gap between Consumer Countries and Developing (manufacturing) Countries

2. Social

2.1. Cultural Integration

2.2. Loss of Local Culture

2.2.1. Qipao vs Modernized/Appropriated Version Another Example:

3. Environment

3.1. Environmental Degradation

4. Fashion Trends & Capitals

4.1. Style

4.2. Capitals

4.2.1. Tokyo Fashion:

5. Consumers

5.1. Self Image

6. What is Globalization?

6.1. Process by which societies, cultures, economies, and politics around the world become integrated and connected.

7. What is Cultural Globalization?

7.1. The quick movement of ideas, expectations, attitudes, beliefs, meanings, values and cultural products (clothing, beauty etc) around the world.

8. Dependency Theory in Action:

9. Employment

9.1. Immigrant Labour

9.2. Emergence of The Informal Sector

9.3. Employment in Developing Countries

9.4. Employment in Western/European Countries

10. Manufacturers

10.1. Fabric Creation