Curriculum Map Guide Part 1

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Curriculum Map Guide Part 1 by Mind Map: Curriculum Map Guide Part 1

1. Review (Phase 1) Reviewing the curriculum is an important part of curriculum design and implementation. "Some schools have ongoing curriculum councils that review maps, but more often mapping review teams function as a task force. The key is to begin with motivated and engaged educators reflecting a crosssection of the school or setting" (Jacobs, 2010).

1.1. Committee:

1.1.1. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Melanie Wilson Director of Curriculum and Instruction from Trussville City Schools Superintendent of ABC School District Dr. Marshall Assistant Superintendent of ABC School District Dr. Gilbert Reading Specialist from Huffman High School11th grade teacher from Huffman High School ( 12 of years experience ) 11th grade teacher from Ramsay High School ( 6 years of experience) 4th grade teacher from Hewitt Trussville High School (10 of years experience) Principal Huffman High School Assistant Principal Hewitt Trussville High School

2. Debate (Phase 2) In this phase, we will discuss the strengths and areas of opportunity found during the review process. We will then debate to make revisions and improvements to the curriculum guide.

3. Add Students (Phase 3) Students can add valuable input to the curriculum mapping process. "I recommend that students also be part of the review team and contribute, if possible. Each individual brings a unique perspective and voice to writing curriculum" (Jacobs, 2010).

4. Inquire (Phase 4) Constant inquiry is imperative to curriculum implementation, revision, etc. "Some specific considerations are required in examining each discipline, even as there is a need for rigorous inquiry into finding meaningful interdisciplinary connections. We cannot simply lean on what we are accustomed to teaching" (Jacobs, 2010).