What we know about fact families

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What we know about fact families by Mind Map: What we know about fact families

1. when subtracting you use the bigger number and take away a smaller number then swap the smaller numbers

2. a fact familily song

3. 3-2=1

4. 3-1=2

5. 2+1=3

6. 3 members in a fact family

7. can be addition problems

8. some are subtraction problems

9. 1+2=3

10. fact families use the same 3 numbers

11. a game we can play

11.1. The first 2 numbers swap in an addition fact family but the answer is the same

12. we need to know fact families because they help us make connections between adding and subtracting

13. you get 4 facts in all, when you get 4 facts you are done

14. If you cant use all 3 numbers for add and subtract it is not a fact family

15. Example of a fact family

16. 2 addition facts

16.1. 2 subtraction facts