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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. Definition: a type of assessment that is done in the moment to check for student understanding

1.1.1. Example 1: D.O.L. (Demonstration Of Learning)

1.1.2. Example 2: Concept Map

2. Interim/Benchmark

2.1. Definition: an assessment that serves as a point of reference which can be compared to show pregress

2.1.1. Example 1: Common Assessment

2.1.2. Example 2: External Benchmark

3. Summative

3.1. Definition: an assessment that is given to the students at the end of a unit.

3.1.1. Example 1: Midterm

3.1.2. Example 2: Chapter Test

4. Performance

4.1. Definition: This assessment requires student to complete a specific task rather than answering questions

4.1.1. Example 1: Project Based Learning

4.1.2. Example 2: Portfolio

5. Diagnostic

5.1. Definition: An assessment that is considered to be the pre-assessment to the lesson, the teacher uses this to understand the students knowledge.

5.1.1. Example 1: Pre-Assessment

5.1.2. Example 2: Questionnaire

6. H.O.T. Questions Math

6.1. Opening Questions

6.1.1. 1.Do you think that the way the graph is displayed affects the results?

6.1.2. 2.Do you think that the way the graph is displayed affects the results?

6.2. Guiding Questions

6.2.1. 1.Why is it important to put all of the information on the title?

6.2.2. 2.How did you know to scale the graph by __?

6.3. Closing Questions

6.3.1. 1. What do bar graphs help us do?

6.3.2. 2. What is an example on which we would us a bar graph?