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Howie by Mind Map: Howie
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Character Map: To complete this character map you will need to think about the different types of characterization an author uses: 1.  Direct Characterization 2.  Indirect Characterization  

Indirect Characterization

Indirect Characterization is when you find out about a character from: 1.  What the character says 2.  What the character does 3.  What others say about the character

What Howie says

What Howie does

What others say about Howie

My Ideas about the character

Reflect back on how you felt about Howie as you read Chapter 1 & 2.  Give two reactions you had about Howie and state at least one reason why for each.

Reaction #1

Reaction #2

Direct Characterization

Direct characterization is what the author is telling you directly about the character. For Instance: Jill, a seventeen year old, is a very caring person.

Example #1

Give one example from Chapter 1 where the author directly describes Howie.

Example #2

Give an example of Direct Characterization from Chapter 2.