A Culture of Health

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A Culture of Health by Mind Map: A Culture of Health

1. Advocate for your Own Health

1.1. discuss drug and non drug options

1.2. see health care providers regularly/follow through

1.3. ask questions and be honest with providers

2. Share Health Knowledge with Friends/Family

2.1. Discuss different perspectives surrounding stigmas in particular health related issues

2.2. Educate about safe medication practices, including prescription drug misuse and demonstrating antibiotic stewardship

3. Practice Mindfullness

3.1. Start and end the day on your own terms so that you are not rushing around or feel stressed about time

3.2. Address big feelings and work to understand where they come from

3.3. Be conscious about how we are taking care of ourselves

4. Community

4.1. Providers that you trust and feel comfortable with

4.2. Stay in touch with friends and family

4.3. Get involved with different groups to retain a sense of community