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Long Term Goal by Mind Map: Long Term Goal

1. Grow into a CXO position in a growth stage organization or Business Leader of a Business Unit or mid size company

2. Personal

2.1. Fitness

2.1.1. Be the most fittest 40+ year old in Chennai

2.2. Personal Brand(TheWaMonk)

2.2.1. Build a fun ecommerce site

2.2.2. Become an Author

2.2.3. Become a Writer and Thought Leader

2.2.4. Create a Mentoring/Consulting Practice

2.3. Experimental Learning

2.3.1. Experiments with Self - Learn new things from the Discomfort Zone

2.4. Travel

2.4.1. Take One International Vacation and One Domestic Vacation per Year

3. Professional

3.1. Career Progression

3.2. Innovation and Patents

3.3. New Products/Solutions

3.4. Mentoring

3.5. Revenue

4. Financial