Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?

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Why had international peace collapsed by 1939? by Mind Map: Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?

1. Rearmament

1.1. Hitler came to power in 1933

1.2. he reorganized germany's armed forced and drafted thousands of unemployed workers

1.3. he was delivering his promise to change germany and to challenge the treaty of Versailles

1.4. rearmament began in secret at first

1.5. he withdrew from the league of nations

1.6. in 1936 he reintroduce conscription

1.7. rearmament was a popular moving germany that busted nazy support

1.8. Britain thought that if Germany had a strong army they would be a good barrier against communism. Britain have already sign a naval agreement with Hitler allowing it to increase it navy up to 35% of the british one

2. The saar

2.1. The Saar region had been run by the league of nations since 1919. It had promised a plebiscite for 1935 where the people had to vote if they wanted to belong to germany.

2.2. Hitler and his minister Goebbels organize an enormous campaign to convince people to vote for the Reich

2.3. 90% of the population voted to return to the German rule. It was a great success for hitler and he said he had more demands to make of France.

3. Remilitarisation of the Rhineland

3.1. 1936 → Hitler took a risk by moving troops into the Rhineland area. He knew what he was facing but had chosen the right time and place to do it.

3.2. The demilitarization of the Rhineland was one of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and also accepted in the Locarno Treaties.

3.3. France just signed a treaty with the USSR (mutual assistance treaty) to protect each other against attacks from Germany.

3.4. Hitler uses this agreement to claim that Germany was under threat so he should be allowed to place troops on his own frontier.

3.5. Many people in Britain felt that he had a right to station his troops (Hitler knew this) → confident enough to know that Britain would not intervene.

3.6. They (German army) had orders to pull out if the French acted against them.

3.7. Germany's army was no match for the French army.

3.8. The attention of the League of Nations was on the Abyssinian crisis. They condemned Hitler's action. Couldn't do anything else.

3.9. French were about to hold an election but none of the leaders was prepared to take responsibility for plunging France into a war.

3.10. Didn't know how weak the German army was. France refused to act without British support so Hitler's gamble paid off.