Teaching materials in EIL (English as International Language)

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Teaching materials in EIL (English as International Language) by Mind Map: Teaching materials in EIL (English as International Language)

1. Brown introduced its significance in six components: language cirriculum, along with needs analysis, goals and objectives, testing, teaching and program eveluation

1.1. teaching materials: -source of input -exclusive source of input -high pestige of input

2. Hino's (1988) study revealed that in Japanese English as a foriegn language textbooks: -demostrated represantation of national changes -reflected the political climates

3. teaching materials in EIL classroom can be defined as: -a systematic description of the techniques -

4. A goal of EIL (English as International Language) is: -to produce the learners to use English to become part of globalized world -teachers are required to create original resources -videos, clips, audios must be supplimentary material but same textbook should be prioritized in a program for teaching language -teaching materials must include variety of forms as: -books -workbooks -teacher's recourse books -realia -audio-visuals

5. Primary focus of this chapter is: -teachers and adminstrators are supposed to do: -select published materials -develop materials by their own -limitations must be introducted in traditional available materials -criteria for selecting and developing teaching materials for language classroom -modification of supplementary materials in current use -possible sources for the supplemenatary materials

6. Ways to increase students' awareness of English varieties using appropriate materials: -pre-packaged teaching -CDs within accompany textbooks supplementary materials: -pre-packaged materials -non-pedagogical materials: movies, textual, audio, visual samples of other varieties of English

7. English for Specific purposes (ESP) in international context of teaching materials must be naturally tied, for example: -international business textbooks must include reading on business negotiation or cultural business ethics -A medical teacher course must incorparate a video clips concerning doctor and patient relationship

8. Possible sources for suplementary materials: -audio-visuals (CD, DVD, audio, movie clips on the internet) media: -newspapers -news scripts official websites: -countries and cities, international organizations personal websites: -blogs -social networking sites