CIWA Escape Room

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CIWA Escape Room by Mind Map: CIWA Escape Room

1. Clues

1.1. Adjunctive Medication Clues

1.1.1. Gabapentin: 300mg every 8 hours PRN Anxiety

1.1.2. Ondansetron: 4mg PO or IM Every 12 Hours PRN for N/V

1.1.3. Acetaminiphen 650 mg PO every 6 hours PRN for pain

1.1.4. Hydralazine: 10 mg every 6 hours PRN for SBP > 180 or DBP > 100

1.1.5. Haloperidol: 2 mg PO or IM every four hours PRN for hallucinatiions uncontrolled

1.2. Prompting Clues

1.2.1. Take Vitals: Scrambled Card

1.2.2. Administer 10 mg Valium: Clue what sounds like Volume?

1.2.3. Enter Assessment in CPRS: Another Scambled word clue

1.2.4. Gabapentin 300 mg

2. Learner

2.1. First Scene: First Perform CIWA and Administer last loading dose

2.1.1. Goal: Perform CIWA and give last loading dose

2.2. Second Scene: CIWA scores are provided. Learner will gather subjective and objective data and move forward

2.2.1. Goal:Talk to provider and administer adjunctive medication

2.3. Learner calls provider relates findings and provider says, " Gabapentin per protocol and call me back in an hour."

2.3.1. Goal: Administer appropriate medication

2.4. Learner reasses Glen who conveys reduced N/V and anxiety. The learners call back MD and report improvement. Address other adjunctive medications in debriefing.

2.4.1. The goal is to call back provider who is satisfied with improvement of patient