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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative| During

1.1. AFL| | Assessments For Learning

1.1.1. Informal Methods Provide immediate feedback Observations During practical lessons Oral Questioning During theory lessons Reflective practices Checklist based on learning targets Peer Review Review shoulder partner work Self Review Use checklist to regulate learning

1.1.2. Formal Methods Exams Mid Year Exams Tests Class Test / Phase Test (Practical) Quizzes Blackboard pop quiz

2. Summative| After

2.1. AOL | Assessments Of Learning

2.1.1. Purpose Creating Proficiency Checking student's mastery of content Ranking Accountability

3. Variations

3.1. National Assessments

3.1.1. GCE 'O' Levels | PSLE |

3.2. School Based Assessments

3.2.1. Prelims (within School)

3.3. Standardized Assessments

3.3.1. Mid Year Exams (Within School)

3.4. Weighted Assessments

3.4.1. Scores form part of computation

3.5. Alternative Assessments

3.5.1. Project presentation | Oral Presentation

3.6. Perfomance Assessments

3.6.1. PE NAFA Test

3.7. Authentic Assessments

3.7.1. Kitchen Practical Exam | Main Course

3.8. Peer Assessments

3.8.1. Check peer's work with rubrics

3.9. Self Assessments

3.9.1. Student use rubrics to check work

4. Quality of Assessment

4.1. Valid

4.2. Fair

4.3. Reliable