Flora and Fauna

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Flora and Fauna by Mind Map: Flora and Fauna

1. Flora meaning

1.1. The plant life occuring in a particular region or time.

1.1.1. The best one among them is the area in which they grow or are found. Some grow in desert regions or in water, some are found in hilly areas while some are endemic to a specific geographic location.

1.1.2. Examples : Cactus plants are naturally seen in deserts. Lotus grown in water.

2. Fauna meaning

2.1. All of the animal life in a particular region or time

2.1.1. Animal kingdom comprises a variety of animal life forms. Hence, the classification of fauna is much more complex than the floral division. Therefore, for ease of classification; Birds are categorized under the name Avifauna. Fishes under Pisci Fauna. Microorganisms including  bacteria and virus are generally considered under animal kingdom, they are known as Microfauna. All unknown and undiscovered animals are named as cryptofauna.