Conscious Citizen

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Conscious Citizen by Mind Map: Conscious Citizen

1. It’s a Diversity Experience - ACS Athens pioneered the Youth to Youth Project, bringing unaccompanied refugee children to attend school on scholarship.

2. It’s a Cultural Experience - ACS Athens boasts over 65 nationalities. Our students are global citizens. It’s a Creative Experience - A strong visual and performing arts program. Masterclass productions at our state-of-the-art facilities (theater and media studio).

3. It’s a College-Bound Experience - Through Maintaining strong partnerships and hosting college visits and workshops with top universities world-wide, as well as a winning counseling department - our ACS Athens students are best prepared to enroll in their ‘best-fit’ institution come graduation.

4. It’s a Community Experience - At ACS Athens we believe in the ‘Golden Triangle’ the cooperation of School-Parent-Student. Success is achieved when all three are in sync.

5. It’s a Professional Development Experience - We never stop growing. Our staff, faculty, administrators and even students are publishing, attending workshops and conferences, continued learning and post-graduate degrees.

6. It’s a Lifelong Experience (Alumni) - ACS Athens students enjoy lifelong bonds with their schoolmates and continue to connect with each other through a thriving alumni network.

7. It’s a Team Experience (Athletics) - Whether it’s a team or individual sports, ACS Athens has a strong, scholarship-winning athletics program - picture of Stanford scholarship laureate.

8. It’s a STEM Experience - ACS Athens is on the forefront of STEM education. Our faculty and students participate in numerous local and international STEM fairs and competitions annually.