A Colourful Food Culture

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A Colourful Food Culture by Mind Map: A Colourful Food Culture

1. Cultures & time periods: Traditional vs Contemporary

1.1. Games

1.2. Art Works

1.3. Music

1.4. Food

1.4.1. cultural characteristics

1.5. Fashion

2. Food

2.1. Relationship to health

2.1.1. establishing factors in food that makes it healthy - e.g. balanced of fruits&veg included, less oil, less salt, healthier carb alternatives, etc

2.2. Aesthetic value

2.2.1. Elements of art & principles of design applied in art-making, dance-making (shapes & formations) & music-making. e.g. balance, rhythm, space, contrast, etc

2.3. Relationship to calories

2.3.1. Caloric value in foods & calories expended in physical activities

3. Expressions of convictions

3.1. Art: Create a healthy & attractive dish

3.2. Art: Create an artist statement

3.3. Music: Create and/or modify lyrics to the tune "Ode to Joy" reflecting healthy food choices

3.4. PE/dance: Create and/or modify a dance to express celebration of good health

4. Influencing others

4.1. Present the performance to peers & family

4.2. Rally family members to plan and prepare healthy meals