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PEAS by Mind Map: PEAS

1. Ooty , Bonneville, Arkel y Azad are the popular varieties that are grown.

2. Spacing 30 cms Germination 15 days

3. asexually (bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, stolons, suckers, etc.) or artificially if they are produced by man (cutting, cutting, grafting, layering and in vitro culture).

4. The fertilization recommendation is based on the degree of fertility of the soil, the requirement crop nutrition, expected yield, seed quality, weather conditions, among others; adjusting the fertilizer dose with the technician of the area, based on their experience on the response of the soils of its scope, to the application of fertilizers.

5. After cultivation, weeding should be done 15 days after sowing.

6. Subsequent weeds should be done when necessary. Stake the plants 30 days after planting.

7. Plant protection Pests Cob borer Aphids Diseases

8. The harvest can be done 75 days after sowing.

9. Sowing - The sowing is direct. - Depending on the year, it can be sown from August to September. - Distance between grooves: 80 cm. - Distance between plants: 5 to 10 cm. - It is advisable to soak the seed for 1 to 2 days before sowing.