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Creativity by Mind Map: Creativity

1. Affects how we view things

2. Developmental Attributes

2.1. Gender

2.1.1. Boys Competition Need movement Some stress for performance

2.1.2. Girls Stress sensitive Positive relationship with teacher Strong Social interactions with other

2.2. 8 to 10 years old

2.2.1. Interest Attention Span Very short attention span: 5-10 minutes without change in activity Relevance Peer Group

2.3. Gender Neutral Trends

2.3.1. Piaget Blended Teaching Strong Scaffolding

2.3.2. Vygotsky Internalization Differentiate Scaffolding

3. Cross Curricular Ties

3.1. Creativity in writing and making stories

3.1.1. Write a short Narrative Describe events in order using details Assessment Possible Misconceptions Defining Feature: Using sequence words

3.2. Reading: Exploring new worlds in books

3.3. Mathematics: Problem Solving

3.4. Music: Writing Music

3.5. Health: Ways to stay active

3.6. Science: Finding how things connect