Sales Tactics

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Sales Tactics by Mind Map: Sales Tactics

1. Inquiry is Received

1.1. Client prefers to arrange a call

1.1.1. Client is redirected to calls page

1.2. Client client prefers emails

1.2.1. Page is refreshed with "Thank You Message"

2. Follow up Action Taken

2.1. Autoresponders

2.1.1. Send Immediate Email After Inquiry requesting Design

2.1.2. Send NDA to client (if requested)

2.1.3. Periodic Emails 2 weeks after 1 month after 2 months after

2.2. Direct Action

2.2.1. Mail Merge Track Data Check open rate Check click through rate

2.2.2. Text message blast We haven't done this yet, but I want to start

2.2.3. Direct Response to Emails May be the best

3. On Call Messaging

3.1. Garments

3.1.1. Key Objectives Get client to sign up Find out the product category they want Get them to review the email with add to cart link

3.1.2. Messaging Emphasize helping small business Mention relatively small MOQs MOQs depend on the quantity of the fabric we need to purchase Discuss affordable prices in Vietnam prices are generally 1/3 the price of China

3.1.3. Actions Send them email with the link Offer a promo code on the phone if they sign up Have them whitelist our email

3.2. Plastics

3.3. Electronics