Present continuous

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Present continuous by Mind Map: Present continuous

1. Affirmative form

1.1. When we use the present simple in its affirmative form, we start with the subject followed by the base form of the verb. In the third person singular, we add an –s. — “ I work on important projects .” = The sentence is in the present simple affirmative, so we use the base form of the verb to work ( work ).

2. Negative form

2.1. The negative verb forms are made by putting not after an auxiliary verb.

2.2. She has invited us. (Affirmative) She has not invited us. (Negative) It was raining. (Affirmative) It was not raining. (Negative) She can knit. (Affirmative) She cannot knit. (Negative)

3. Interrogative form.

3.1. The interrogative form The construction of the interrogative form is different if the verb is an auxiliary verb (be, have, will, can, etc.).

3.2. If the verb is an auxiliary verb, the interrogative is formed without the auxiliary do/does/did: Is Bruno in his office?